An Original Arizona Stage Stop

Stagestop and Post Office


In1883, when Arizona was still just a territory, John & Lizzie Cordes purchased the small adobe stagestop.  In 1886,  John applied for a Post Office and served as the first postmaster. 



 They then added a saloon, blacksmith shop, general store, stables, bunk house and served up to 100 meals a day at the turn of the century.





In 1902, the Bradshaw Mountain Railroad was being built.  John developed a small siding with a stockyard and a warehouse.


 In 1908, John and Lizzie sold the station to their eldest son, Charles.  In 1910, Charles built a new station and installed the first gas pump in 1915. 

 In 1938, Charles sold the station to his eldest son, Henry.  In 1941 the station burned down and Henry rebuilt it on the original foundation.